A "So far" Story - Charlie Hawley

Here is a cool story sent in from one of our satisfied clients! Take a second and read about how Charlie has teamed up with us in his mission to take back his health, fitness, and quality of life. Check back with us to follow Charlie's progress.

I was an athlete in high school, could eat around the clock and never gain weight.  I went into college at 185 pounds and graduated at 244 pounds when I was 22 years old.  Since then I have been as low as 202 and just last year at the age of 50, 275 pounds.  I have done every type of yo-yo diet there is and through the years my health has been pathetic.

Dr and Mark White have been friends for a long time and they recently began to share the benefits of all natural hormone pellet implants and I only began to listen after my wife informed me that things were not so good in the bedroom anymore.
Initially I thought to myself that I could not afford it and I was very hesitant even though I knew I wanted to do something and I am not a guy who likes to take shots.  In January I took a blood test to later find out how poor of shape I was in and a number of vitamin deficiencies as well as a testosterone level of around 200.

Around 2/1/17 I had my first BioTe pellet implant that took about 15 minutes and very easy to administer right in Dr. White’s office.  Seven days later the band aid came off and I was ready to do whatever I please.  Within 7 days of first implant there was substantial difference in the bedroom, just ask my wife if you don’t believe me.  At that time I also began to have more and more energy.  I am not a morning person and starting on 3/1/17 I began getting up at 6am Monday through Friday to work out, lifting with a focus on my upper body on one day and my legs on the other days.  I would also either do the elliptical machine or the rowing machine after lifting for 30 minutes.   From my morning workouts I go directly to my job as an insurance agent where I generally work from 8:30am to 5pm.  Prior to the pellets I struggled to even stay awake during work in the afternoons and I could easily take a nap in my car at lunch if I wanted to.  I am seriously so full of energy now, it is crazy.  After my morning workouts and a full day of work, I now go home and take a jog, running 1.5 miles without walking which I have not been able to do in years.

My testosterone level is now 1015 from 200.   I am currently around 255 pounds and with the high tech equipment that Mark and Laura White have I now know that my perfect weight is right around 235 pounds and having around 15% body fat.  When I started I was at 26% body fat and in just a month I have dropped to about 21%.  My goal is to hit my 15% suggested level by my next family vacation in July.  I know there is no doubt that I will do it.  I feel the best I have ever felt and I will never stop taking these pellets.  

I do not expect nor do I want to live forever but I want to be self-sufficient and able to enjoy all of my days that the Good Lord gives me on this earth and I know with this process I feel better than I ever have and I will never take any blood pressure, cholesterol or any other type of prescription drug again. 

This is just the beginning of my story as I am just two months into it and my original insertion should last me at least 6 months.  I seriously cannot share any negatives with this program and at 51 years old I can give my 4 kids a run for their money at any physical activity.  I would recommend it to everyone and anyone, no matter what your age is, if you have hit that point where you are just sluggish and feel old.  I have noticed improvement in joint pain, muscle soreness, memory, sexual performance and just all out energy to enjoy the day along with sleeping better every night.  Since I began this program I have made more sales in a quarter than I have done in a full year in the past.  With all of the money I have wasted in my lifetime, there is not a price I could put on this that would be too much for the way I feel and enjoy life today.   Because of Future Hope there really is future hope for me!

- Charlie Hawley


Mark White

In addition to being the husband of Dr. White, and the business manager here at Future Hope Total Health, Mark is also our facilities Certified Health Coach.
Often times, following your visit with Dr. White, you will have a meeting with Mark to create a unique health plan personalized for you to help reach your Health goals.