Dr. Laura P. White, MD


Dr. Laura P. White


Dr. Laura White is a graduate of the University of Louisville (Go Cards!) School of Medicine and completed her residency at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky in 1994.  She has practiced primary care pediatrics in several communities in the greater Louisville area.
She has balanced family with medicine throughout her career, which has been crucial in teaching her valuable lessons.



Philosophically, Dr. White has always been a minimalist when it comes to medical care, believing that less is usually better.  She also believes that parents know their children and that knowledge empowers them to understand what is going on so that they can navigate their children’s health needs.  That frequently separated her from mainstream conventional medicine.  But armed with lots of stories from raising her own children, she continued to maintain that children are resilient and giving their bodies a chance to heal on their own trumped most medical interventions.
It was her own health crisis that pushed her further into investigating options outside of conventional medicine.  She knew the “treatments” that conventional medicine had to offer and understood that they were only treating symptoms… not addressing the underlying issues.  She ultimately came to a place of deep healing through changes in nutrition and supplementing with what her body needed… not a bunch of prescription medications.  

As she learned more, she knew that she wanted to be a part of teaching other people how to heal their bodies and encourage their spirits.  In early 2016 Dr White started formal fellowship training in functional medicine through the Metabolic Medicine Institute and the Institute for Functional Medicine.  Through this training, she has deepened her belief that our bodies are created to heal… and that less “medical” intervention is usually more… and that her role as a physician is to partner with her patients, both children & adults, in the healing process. 


The White family
Decemeber, 2016


The White family
Decemeber, 2017