In a perfect world there would be no need for supplements.  Our food and water would nourish us completely.  Our bodies would respond with health and vitality!  

However, the world we live in… well, it’s not quite what it used to be.  Our food sources are nutritionally depleted, toxins invade every part of our environment, and our bodies struggle to keep up.  

That’s where supplements come in.  Supplements are just that— supplements to our diet, providing extra support where we need it.  They are not a substitute for good nutritional choices, but to help out where food alone isn’t quite enough.  

At FHTH, we will recommend supplements that meet your body’s unique needs.  We carry high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements that we have chosen from different manufacturers for quality, and effectiveness.  We will strive to offer these at the best possible price to our clientele.  We do not recommend you purchase your supplements at the local drug or discount store, as there can be a huge discrepancy in quality from brand to brand.  Like nutrition, when it comes to supplements quality matters.


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