Lauren Simpson, Licensed Massage Therapist


Lauren Simpson, LMT

Lauren Simpson is a licensed massage therapist from Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
She is a 2014 graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, where she studied various modalities and approaches to massage therapy. She’s been working at a therapeutic massage clinic in PA for the past four years—and loves working with all types of clients: those looking for relaxation, relief from various types of chronic pain, or those looking to improve general mental and physical well being. She believes that showing up and making time for our bodies to rest/recover/heal is a wonderful and necessary step in the ongoing journey to healthier selves.

Deciding what kind of massage is best for you can be difficult, and rarely do clients fit solely into one category of needs.
Lauren uses a combination of the skills and modalities she has studied to create a personalized massage that best fits each client’s individual goals. These sessions most often include the following:

Swedish Massage is what most people mean when they say they want “just a normal massage”. It can calm the nervous system, promote circulation, increase flexibility—and it just plain feels good.

Neuromuscular Therapy takes a more focused approach—honing in on specific muscles that may be causing your pain, tension, or decreased mobility. This involves evaluating the muscles, and may include deeper muscle work (“deep tissue”) and release of trigger points (pesky spots within the muscle that refer pain).

Myofascial Therapy combines gentle, sustained pressure and subtle stretching/movement to increase mobility and reduce painful restrictions in the connective tissue known as “fascia”, creating space in the body and allowing greater relief from tension.

Integrative Headache Therapy

Lauren was diagnosed with migraine headaches at age 8. Because of that, in her years working as a massage therapist, she’s taken a special interest in her headache clientele. Implementing knowledge from her initial training program, as well as continued education specifically geared toward headaches and neck pain, she has gained experience and honed her skills to learn what best helps her clients find relief from their head pain. Her approach combines knowledge, training, and understanding (she “gets it”!) to care for you.

During a custom headache relief session, Lauren will work with you to map out possible pain triggers and focus on the areas that contribute to your pain and stress.  With specific attention, she’ll address tension in the muscles of the head, face, neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Lauren may incorporate aromatherapy (the use of therapeutic essential oils) to give you additional pain reliving benefits.
Depending on the type of headache, the use of applied heat can either relax or aggravate pain, but cold (such as a washcloth over the eyes) can be helpful in dulling most aches and pains associated with headaches. Communication about the type of headache will determine if heat or cold (or a combination) could be helpful and provide you with greater relief during the session.

Here are just a few of the reviews that Lauren has received over the last couple years:

Lauren is a Massage Jedi! She knew the places I needed attention without me even saying. She does something different peppered in with familiar techniques every time I’m there that works wonders! Thank you so much. She is a young massage genius!!
— Jill S
Lauren was terrific! My neck feels much better, a day later. She took time to understand my headache triggers and neck/back pain concerns. Then, she adjusted her technique accordingly. I will be back to see her for sure and also let others know. Lauren set the tone for a calming, healing environment.
— Rick C.
I always carry a lot of tenseness and pain in my neck and shoulders. I came to Lauren for an hour long deep tissue (focusing on my problem areas) after hearing good things from other customers. The massage was excellent! She relieved a ton of the pain in my neck and shoulders. I’ve gotten massage therapy sporadically in the past, but I plan on being an every-six-weeks customer of Lauren’s.
— Katie R
I have been dealing with so many health issues related to the treatment and side effects of metastatic melanoma. Lauren came highly recommended and listened to all of my current health issues. She worked around all of the problems I am having that will be better treated with massage as my condition improves. I have seen Lauren twice and she was professional, knowledgeable, skilled, and kind. She offered tremendous relief for my body during and after my massage therapy. The massages always left me feeling outstanding! I would highly recommend Lauren as a therapist.
— Brandt H
Lauren gave me a wonderful massage. I can go on for one more day!!!!!
— Jodi S.
Lauren did, and always does do, a great job. She is extremely professional. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’m already looking forward to my next massage!
— Kim B
Lauren gave me my first specialized massage for headaches. It was fantastic! She knew where all my pain areas were without me saying a word. Lauren said she also suffers from migraines, so she understands the trigger points. I recommend to give it a try, it just may be the relief you are looking for.
— Janice S.
Lauren is an excellent therapist. She is responsive to and connects with me, the client. Her skills and intuitive gifting is a powerful combination. Recently I went in because my neck and shoulders were so tight they were actually painful. Lauren worked gently, and effectively, so much so that I left pain free. On a follow up visit yesterday, she was able to continue the work. She’s a quiet, gentle and calming practitioner who provides a welcome respite and excellent care. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking massage therapy. I certainly will continue to use her services exclusively.
— Kimberly R.