There are two ways to take advantage of and pay for the services offered at Future Hope Total Health.

Take a few minutes to compare both options.  If you are still unsure, give us a call, and we can walk through the options with you.


Option #1

Fee for Service (Cash)

The first is a traditional "Fee for Service" model (cash).  With the exception of medical testing services, our services are not covered by insurance, and we do not bill insurance. All services can be purchased “a la carte” at the time of usage.


Option #2


The second method(and far better deal) is our yearly membership plan.  A membership with FHTH is $150.00 per month/per person.  With a membership, all of our services are included at some level (see Membership Page for details).  If you are planning to take advantage of any of our services beyond consultations with Dr. White (which we highly recommend), the Membership is the smart way to go.