About Future Hope Total Health

Future Hope Total Health is the next phase of a journey Dr. White and her husband Mark have been on for the past several years.  Dr. White has always been a minimalist in her approach to medicine, believing instinctively that the body is designed to heal, and in most cases, is better off being allowed to do so.  As a Pediatrician, Dr. White's experience with adult medicine was sparse.  But when both her and Mark began to deal with a host of adult medical issues themselves, she quickly realized that traditional medical treatment offered virtually no answers.  As her health deteriorated, Dr. White exhausted the avenues available to her in traditional medicine, and began looking at "alternative therapies". 
It was during this search that she found Functional Medicine.  After an immense amount of reading, Dr. White was able to find treatments that completely reversed the downward health spiral for both herself and Mark, and became inspired to learn more about functional medicine, and to share it with others.   

At Future Hope Total Health, we believe that true total health can only be reached when each of the four elements of life; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, are addressed.  We approach this by dealing with the each of the four Pillars of Health; nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.  While FHTH will constantly be changing and growing to best meet your health needs, we feel we have put together an excellent complement of therapy and treatments designed to get you firmly on your journey to Total Health.  

Come take a look at what we have to offer, a truly different approach to medicine. One that promotes health, rather than simply managing disease.  One that will partner with you, and empower you to transform your lifestyle and find true, sustainable health.