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Future Hope Total Health is a family owned and operated Functional Medicine medical practice located in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Our mission is help you overcome the health issues you have been dealing with, and partner with you in your mission to become the happiest, healthiest you possible.


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While our services aren't covered under your standard insurance plans, we offer very special pricing through a special Future Hope Total Health membership plan!


What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a modern shift in the medical community. The idea of functional medicine is to take step back from traditional medicine which says “Let’s treat the symptoms” and steps into a new, but practical approach that says “Let’s look deeper to find and treat the source of the problem”. Functional medicine is not a band-aid. It's your key to total health.


Services & Therapies

FHTH offers an array of compementary Services &  therapies designed to work together in healing mind, body, and spirit.


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